About Arctic Co-ops Financial Highlights

Arctic Co-operatives Limited Reports Sales of $172M in 2015:
Returns $7.9 Million in Patronage Refunds Back to Member Co-ops and Their Communities
Arctic Co-ops achieved sales of $172M in 2015, an increase of 8.6% from the previous year. The Federation also reported net earnings of $10.4M for the fiscal year ending December 31, 2015. Of the $10.4M in net earnings, a $7.9M patronage allocation is being returned to Member Co-ops. Since 1986, Arctic Co-ops has returned more than $91.3M to its Members in patronage refunds.

Arctic Co-operative Development Fund Returns $1.2 Million to Members as Patronage Refund
Arctic Co-operative Development Fund (ACDF) is a Co-operative and as such, has had the opportunity to return earnings to its Members in the form of Patronage Refunds since 1986. Each year, ACDF allocates its earnings of the previous year to Member Co-ops in proportion to each Member’s business with ACDF. The patronage of its Members is the interest paid on financing. The Board of Directors approved the distribution of $1.2M of the 2015 net savings of ACDF as a Patronage Refund.

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