Member Co-ops Igloolik

Igloolik Co-operative Limited
Box 120,
Igloolik, NU X0A 0L0
Ph: (867) 934-8958
Fax: (867) 934-8740


Co-op operations include a retail store, hotel, restaurant, freight services, property rentals, arts and crafts and convenience store. This Co-op was formed in April 1963.

The Community
IIgloolik has a population of approximately 1454 and is situated on an island adjacent to the flat expanse of the Melville Peninsula's eastern coastal plain. This area is largely untapped by tourism, offering a genuine northern Canada Arctic experience which is vastly different from Baffin Island's craggy peaks and fiords.

The area has long been blessed with abundant natural resources central to Inuit culture and identity: guided tours are available to see walruses, seals, whales, polar bears, caribou, fish and waterfowl. These resources provide the economic, spiritual and intellectual basis for cultural continuity within Igloolik. People here take immense pride in nurturing Inuit heritage and traditions while embracing the inevitable changes brought on by modernization. The location has been used for numerous films and documentaries about life in the Arctic. In mid-January, the community celebrates the return of the sun, after several week of darkness, with a traditional festival. Maintaining the balance of traditions and modern day living is the very essence of Igloolik's vibrancy.

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