Inuit and Dene Art     



Inuit and Dene art is popular throughout the world and serious collectors can often identify the community the piece was made in - simply from the style of art. Types of art produced include prints, carvings, beadwork, wall hangings, cards and jewelry.

When shopping for art, ask where the buying takes place and how the artist is paid. The Co-op model ensures the artist received a fair price for their work.

Many Co-ops were formed in the 60s to produce and market traditional arts and crafts. In Sanikiluaq, then known as the Belcher Islands, the Co-op mined soapstone, distributed it to members, purchased the finished art and sold it to the world through Canadian Arctic Producers. In 1970, two families were sent to live at the camp and mine the soapstone. In one year, they mined over 130,000 pounds of stone!

Today, we market Inuit and Dene on a retail basis through:

Wholesale art marketing is handled by: Canadian Arctic Producers .

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